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Small Tips | For Exhibitors

Running a trade show exhibition stand is a exhausting and very challenging job to do. But all over it, this is how the commercials are released in business sector.

There aren’t probably lot of people who likes to run an exhibition stand. Whether you have an important role of running a well professional made show, or you in a local small fair and running a small stand. It’s not really important how your job is big or small it is about how you can manage it and how you can do the best out of yourself. It’s hard because you have to be on your feet all day long, be energetic, look happy and kind and also, you need to stay bright until that day of the fair ends.

There aren’t really worse than going to a trade show and realizing that you forgot something. To prevent this problem, here are some things that you should not forget when you go to the trade center.

— Since you are in the exhibition stand, you are supposed to have your business cards to give your contacts to people and if you don’t want them to look bad and unorganized you should bring a holder to organize those cards.

Also you should have an another holder for keeping other persons information cards to not loose them because it is more likely to loose things in that crowded trade center.

—Make sure to be fully equipped when you go to the center because you will probably need scissors, sharpies, pens, or even rubber bands so have your office supplies.

—You are going to spend almost all of your day in the fair trade show so you should bring some things to feel energetic to the center. For example, to not feel tired, keep some snacks, gums and most importantly keep water with you to stay hydrated.

—If your job requires you to wear high heels on for the whole day, your feet will be literally dead so always have a backup flat shoe with you. Also, have a first aid kit that includes plasters in it because you never now when your heels get injured by the pressure of the shoe that you are wearing.

—If you have limited days to spend some time in that country that you are in, always have a map with you whether it is a paper based map or it is a application that you download to your phone.

—Never forget your charger and powerbank. In that crowded trade center, it is very unlikely for find a socket to charge your phone so bring a powerbank because it is a must have essential. So have those together if you don’t bring these, don’t surprise when your battery dies.

—Have some skincare products like hand cream, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, lip balm. The environment will be probably dirty so it is always good to bring your skincare items.

Overall; I suggest you to make a list about what you should bring to fair trade center. It will be so much easier and better to organize your items.

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